Wishes come true at Penrith care homeHC-One’s Winters Park care home in Penrith has introduced a wishing tree in the home for Residents, team members and visitors to place their wishes in the hope that they will come true.

When a decorative indoor tree was donated to the home, Residents suggested it could be turned into a wishing tree, where people can write down their wish and stick it on the tree. Every two months a wish will be picked from the tree and the team will arrange for the wish to be granted.

Residents are enjoying adding their wishes to the tree and are encouraging friends, family and team members to add their wishes to the tree too. One Resident said: “I love the wishing tree, it’s a wonderful to know that people’s wishes will come true.”

Winters Park Home Manager, Susan Thompson commented: “The wishing tree has quickly become an important part of the community at Winters Park, it’s lovely to see everyone sharing their wishes with others and I can’t wait till we can make these come true.”