Scone Residents draw rainbows to spread joyResidents from HC-One’s Catmoor House in Scone enjoyed painting some colourful rainbow paintings to put around the home to raise everyone’s spirits.

Residents have decided to join in the trend of painting lovely colourful rainbows, as we have seen all across the country during this crisis, to raise everyone’s spirits in the home. 

The staff in Catmoor House supplied all the pens and paper and then joined in, assisting the Residents with drawing the rainbows and colouring them in. 

One Catmoor House Resident said: “I love rainbows they are so full of beautiful colours, they really do brighten up your day.”

Once all the Residents had completed drawing and colouring in their own rainbows, they all decided to have a walk around the home and displayed them in all of the windows they could, hoping to raise the Residents and staff’s spirits across the home, as well as the people in the local community.