Residents benefit from “Husky” Therapy Residents at HC-One’s Holme Lea Care home in Stalybridge in Tameside were thrilled when some extra special, extra fluffy visitors made an appearance in the home.

Thunder, Thor, Binny Boo and mum Stormy are a pack of extra special therapy huskies, which specialise in bringing delight and comfort to Care home Residents.

Holme Lea Residents had the opportunity to meet the huskies in the lounge before they commenced on a tour of the home, meaning even those who are bed bound were able to enjoy meeting the lovable pups.

Members of the care team were so surprised at home gentle and loving the dogs were. The dogs rested their heads on Residents beds so they were still able to touch their fur and stroke them (and give them plenty of kisses!)

The Residents were still talking about the dogs hours later and Holme Lea have already booked to welcome the cheeky four back again!

 Home Manager, Joanne Colclough, remarked:

“We all really enjoyed our visit from therapy Huskies and would like to thank them for bringing such joy to the home. The residents were still talking about the dog’s hours after they had left! We are looking forward to our next visit and this is just another way we can provide the kindest possible care to our Residents!”

Holme Lea is located in Astley Road and offers short and long-term care to elderly members of the community needing Residential and Residential Dementia Care.