Highclere care home’s vegetable garden thrives thanks to Resident PamToday a Resident that planted some seeds a few months ago decided it was time that they were picked and what a tremendous surprise there was hidden under the soil. 

Pam had planted lots of carrot and beetroot seeds earlier on in the year, in the hope that they would germinate and she might get perhaps one decent carrot out of it. However, the outcome was amazing as you can see from the photos. Many other Residents were in the garden watching Pam pick her vegetables and they were all so pleased with how they had grown and rather shocked seeing the size difference in the vegetables.

The seeds hadn’t just developed but they thrived in the grounds at Highclere care home; they must have been very well looked after by Pam. There was a large bunch of bright orange carrots, good enough to steam on a Sunday Roast as well as some juicy large beetroots to go perfectly in a nice summer salad. 

Pam was very happy with her vegetables and gave them to the head chef Paula to boil the beetroot for her to pickle and do what she wishes with the carrots. She is now thinking about what she would like to try and grow next. Any ideas for Pam?