Dukinfield care home receive lovely messages from RelativeHC One’s Yew Trees care home received some lovely messages today from a Relative that were sent to cheer up Residents and Colleagues.

One family member sent her Dad a picture of a rainbow and sun with the words ‘you are my sunshine’ wrote on it. It was a lovely picture and made his day to receive this. It was lovely for other Residents to see too.

She also sent a picture in for all of the Colleagues at the Dukinfield home that said ‘like the stars, we can’t see you but we know you are there, thank-you! God bless you all’. It was a fantastic message to share with all of the staff and lifted everybody’s spirits – one of the best things we can all do during this unusual time.

One of the Colleagues commented “It’s so nice to know people do think of us”.

The beautiful images and words were appreciated by everybody, thank-you to the Residents’ daughter for sharing these.