Callands care home’s new Resident gardening clubThis July, Callands care home held their first ever gardening club, and it has gone down a huge hit with Residents and Colleagues alike. 

The gardening club has commenced its first session by identifying the various different flowers, herbs and shrubs growing at the home; some Residents offered to take some cuttings in the hope of creating even more plants within the home’s grounds and adding that extra bit of colour.

Colleagues at Callands commented how the outdoors is a great place to be at the moment as we are so limited in what we can do due to the government restrictions, “We can appreciate the outdoors more and it’s great for the mental wellbeing of everyone”, one commented. 

One of the Residents, Brenda, said that she loved being out in the fresh air and was confident at naming all of the bedding plants, “Such lovely colours” she remarked.