Burying a time capsule at Highclere care homeOver the last few months during the Covid-19 pandemic staff and Residents at Highclere care home have made a time capsule.

There are lots of arts and crafts, and activities that happen regularly at Highclere, so during the coronavirus it was decided that all of these creations would be buried in a time capsule to mark an eventful past few months it has been. The capsule therefore consisted of rainbow drawings from the Residents, as well as photos of everyone involved. Furthermore, some Residents decided to put letters in from families on how the pandemic has affected them. Finally, various news clippings were added. 

The time capsule has been put there in the hope that it will be found in many years to come when the pandemic is past history. Whoever finds it will certainly have plenty of information to browse through. 

Resident Val Rhodes was chosen to bury the time capsule. She commented, “I was very happy that they came up with this interesting idea. I am glad it’s now buried for the future to find”.