Sisters re-united at Roxburgh HouseResident Maureen Taylor had visited Roxburgh House due to her sister staying there as a Resident, and because of this, she had enjoyed visiting the home, experiencing the activities and speaking to staff. So, when she made the decision to move into a care home, she chose Roxburgh House so she could be closer to her sister.

However, as she was moving into the home, her sister, Molly Martin, actually had to leave as her care needs had changed so she was no longer able to stay in Roxburgh.

Naturally, Maureen was devastated at this, but Colleagues of the home went above and beyond to ensure they were able to be re-united and to maintain a close relationship, and after not seeing each other for 3 months, the sisters were able to meet up again when Colleagues arranged to take Maureen to visit Molly at her new home, where the sisters were able to sit together and chat with a cup of tea.

Maureen commented: “It’s been wonderful to see Molly, she’s an amazing sister and we have always been so close.”

Julie Jones, Home Manager, also remarked: “it is so beneficial to encourage the sisters to stay in touch as they have always been close, it is certainly good for both of their wellbeing, and we look forward to more visits taking place regularly.”