Residents enjoy pamper session at Hailsham care homeResidents at HC-One’s Hailsham House and Suites care home in Hailsham, East Sussex enjoyed one-to-one pamper sessions on Monday 4th February.

Janet Elmer, a Resident at Hailsham House chose to have her nails done in her bedroom, a pot of tea with some biscuits and cakes were brought to her room and relaxing music was played.

She placed her hands in warm lavender oil infused water where her nails were cleaned, Janet enjoyed browsing the different nail polish colours before settling on her favourite one. After her nails were finished the session was finished with a gentle hand massage with moisturising geranium cream.

Janet was very happy with the end result, she commented that her nails matched her outfit and the pamper session made her feel like a new woman.