Nottingham care home nurtures baby caterpillarsResidents at HC-One’s Silverwood care home in Nottingham have been busy caring for three caterpillars over the last few weeks.

Staff and Residents at Silverwood have been feeding, caring and watching over their baby caterpillars, which they affectionately named Doris, Derek and Delilah. They watched them turn into chrysalis before they finally emerged at beautiful butterflies.

On Thursday 29th March it was time to release the butterflies back into the world to spread their wings. It was a wonderful experience for all to see, Resident held the butterflies on their fingers before and watched as they fluttered around the garden for the first time.

The experience was enjoyed by all the participants, Shirley said that she had never held a butterfly before and called her daughter to tell her all about it. 

Norah Powell a Resident at Silverwood said:

“It was lovely to care for the caterpillars and watch them transform into butterflies. Today is was like watching my children fly the nest.”

Rosemary Makinson a Resident at Silverwood commented:

“What an amazing experience, it brought back so many great memories of watching the butterflies in my greenhouse at home.”

Wellbeing Coordinators Samantha Devlin and Mikala Smedley helped the Residents care for their little creatures and are already organising a similar activity for all to enjoy.