Mini pony Monnay makes big impact at Averill House
HC-One’s Averill House in Manchester welcomed a very special guest to the home as K&L Pony Therapy paid a visit to the Residents.
Our miniature friend, Monnay introduced himself to our Residents, who loved him and gave plenty of strokes, cuddles and kisses.
K&L Pony therapy is a Durham based group which takes animals to care homes, schools and hospitals as a form of therapy.  Residents, relatives and staff enjoyed petting and learning more about Shetland ponies.
Pet therapy helps Residents interact and share new experiences.
Home Manager, Roisin Doyle, commented:
"Our Residents experience of petting these gorgeous animals has a wonderful therapeutic effect and has brightened up their day.  Monnay was very well behaved too!"
Julie Sutton, Area Director said:
"Innovative and fun activities like this one are part of HC-Ones journey to become the kindest care home provider in the UK with the kindest and most professional staff."