It's an all American affair at Barton Brook
Hc-One’s Barton Brook Residents enjoyed a patriotic  afternoon celebrating all things USA. 
Brindley House played host to the celebrations and everyone enjoyed an array of classic american dishes such as homemade burger and chips, a tasty hotdog served with an assortment of relishes before finishing the feast with a delicious deep pan cheesecake.
Brindley House was turned in to a cinema for Residents to watch the an american classic ‘Oklahoma’ sparking plenty of fond memories and conversations.
During the day famous American hits were played from the King of Rock and Roll Elvis,Tammy Wynett, and Kenny Rogers.
Everyone had a fabulous time.
Julie Sutton, Area Director said:
"Innovative and fun activities like this one are part of HC-Ones journey to become the kindest care home provider in the UK with the kindest and most professional staff."