Heart-warming kindness at Greenways CourtGreenways Court have experienced not one but two more acts of heart-warming kindness this week during Storm Emma.

Hilary Walker, whose good friend Marjorie Renwick recently went to live at Greenways Court, rang the home yesterday with a very generous offer, her husband Keith owns a 4-wheel drive car and wanted to help the hardworking staff get to and from work. 

The team at Greenways Court were so excited and grateful, after walking to work in the morning they were not looking forward to walking home in the heavy snow, especially after having just worked a 13-hour shift. 

With the staff gratefully accepting Keith’s kind offer, arrangements were made for him to pick them up from the care home at 8.30pm and drive them home. 

Hilary also said that Keith would be more than happy to collect any urgent medication which the home might require but aren’t able to get hold of in the bad weather. 

Also, Knitsley Mill Farm Shop called in yesterday to ask if Greenways Court would like to take delivery of some of their delicious food. They were due to cater for a buffet for 70 people but because of the horrendous weather, it had been cancelled. 

They didn’t want the food to go to waste and thought that the hardworking team at Greenways Court would appreciate some treats, so turned up at the home in their Land Rover with trays of the most amazing cakes, pies, quiches etc. 

The team at Greenways Court commented:

“We are so touched and grateful for the kindness that has been shown to us and our Residents this week. 

We will never fit into our uniforms again, but it’s worth it!”

A huge thank you to Hilary, Keith and Knitsley Mill Farm Shop, your kindness is incredible.