HC-One Nursing Assistant’s act of kindness saves the dayAmanda Higgins, a Nursing Assistant at The Beeches Care Home in Nottingham, has received praise for her kind and caring nature after helping an elderly man who had suffered a fall.

Amanda came across the incident outside a local GP surgery and assisted the man back into his wheelchair. She then stayed with the man to help employees at the surgery ensure he was comfortable.

The surgery staff later phoned Anne Upton, Care Home Manager at The Beeches, to reiterate how helpful and kind Amanda had been.

To reward Amanda for her efforts, Anne presented her with a bright, colourful bunch of flowers.

Amanda said: “When I came across the gentleman, it was second nature to help him and make sure he was all right, so I didn’t think any more of it.”

Anne said: “It is great to hear about Amanda’s kindness.  I’m so proud of how she represented herself and the home.”