Bunny Luv Mobile Petting Zoo visits Fullarton care homeResidents at HC-One’s Fullarton Care Home in Irvine, Ayrshire enjoyed an afternoon with Bunny Luv - Mobile Petting Zoo. 

Gina arrived at Fullarton with lots of crates with all different noises escaping from them. Once in Cedars Unit, the noises were explained when her guinea pigs were brought out for a cuddle.

The mice were not quite as popular with the Residents but the ducks gave everyone a laugh as they quacked and waddled their way around the dining room. 

Visiting all four units, Gina took her time with every Resident allowing them to stroke or hold her animals.

Resident Carol reminisced about how she had kept chickens in her youth and Neil, who is unable to communicate well, loved spending time stroking one of the guinea pigs – he couldn’t keep the smile from his face.

Everyone looks forward to another visit from Gina and her furry friends soon.