Berry Hill Park organises the purrfect surprise for cat-loving ResidentBerry Hill Park care home in Mansfield was delighted to organize a purrfect surprise to bring Resident Beryl and her beloved cat George back together.

Beryl joined Berry Hill Park after she unfortunately lost her partner of 30 years in January and decided to relocate to Nottingham to be near her sister.

Faced with relocating and the prospect of being separated from her beloved furbaby George only added to her despair.

Beryl’s sister telephone Berry Hill Park to explain the predicament, with the response being ‘no problem’, and Beryl and George have now happily settled into their new surroundings at the Mansfield care home.

Sally Tebbett, Home Manager, said: ‘We were delighted to welcome Beryl and George to the home. His presence has certainly helped bring a smile to many faces at Berry Hill Park!’