Animal Oddities at Lauren Court
Ranger Ben from Animal Oddities bought six different animals to come and visit Lauren Court including: Diego (Duprase), Hamilton (Syrian Hamster), Alfie (Guinea Pig), Mooshu (Giant African Snail), Wormtail (Leopard Gecko) and a winter hamster.

Nine residents came to learn about and handle all the different animals, finding out how to look after a leopard gecko, interesting facts about how Giant African Snails can be both male and female as well as being able to stroke and hold all the animals.

Ben is a Chester university graduate with an Animal Behaviour degree and is very knowledgeable about his vast array of different animals.

Residents loved being able to handle the various creatures and listening to Ben talk about the animals.

Home Manager, Sarah Molloy, said:

“It is great to have such an unusual activity at Lauren Court I enjoy it as much as the Residents. We are definitely keen for Ben to visit us again!”