We foster a real sense of fun and inclusion and encourage everyone to get involved in life at the home. Working with our Residents every day, our Wellbeing Co-Ordinator comes to understand their wants and needs, and creates a holistic weekly plan to nurture mind, body and soul and promote physical, cognitive, emotional, sensory and social wellbeing.
We do have the much-loved, chaotic bingo hour, but beyond that our Residents can look forward to everything from weekly visits from entertainers and people who live or work in the local community, to gentle exercises like yoga and gardening, to baking, flower-arranging, painting, writing, reading and any number of musical activities. Experiences are tailored to what’s available within the community; one of our homes recently enjoyed a flying visit from the local owl sanctuary.

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures are activities too, such as a morning walk, the spark of conversation, getting dressed, or feeding the birds, even if they’re not on the calendar. So are social events, community connections or just enjoying the company of friends and family.
Technology is starting to play an increasing role in our care homes. We’re introducing Wi-Fi across all homes, enabling our Residents to keep in touch with friends and loved ones and up-to-date with current affairs, their favourite TV shows, and of course, buy any personal items that they need online if they wish.

Out and About

Tea, cake and a comfortable chair can be hard to beat sometimes. And yet, a short shopping trip, fresh air, bird song, a visit to the hairdresser, a regular game of bowls, or even a film night can raise spirits. We listen to what our Residents want and visits outside the home are made on request. Each home has access to a specially-adapted minibus, allowing Residents to stay connected with local life, enjoying a trip to the seaside or the Christmas lights.
Sometimes however, the most important moments are the times of quiet reflection spent alone. We want these to be as joyful as any other.