Margaret and Muhammad Ali

Down the pub in Bancroft Road


It's a sunny afternoon and everyone is drowsy.

‘Margaret, tell us about when you met Muhammad Ali.’
Amina one of the helpers prompts.
Margaret, in a wheelchair, shakes her head.
‘Come on sweetheart,’
Amina wheedles.
‘Where was it you met him?’

Margaret huffs, puffs and frowns before answering,

‘A pub in Bancroft Road.’
‘Did you like him?’
‘No I didn’t!’
‘Why not?’
‘He wouldn’t buy me a drink.’
‘When was this?’
‘Last week.’

This may be a miss-remember, it could be a joke, that doesn’t matter. The spirited way the story is told makes everyone smile, including Margaret herself.

Margaret is one of the wonderful characters living with us.

Tea Time

A short story from Alice and Doris

It's tea time. Alice and Doris sit next to each other.‘There’s your tea and cake, ladies.’ Debra says putting two teas and a slab of cake in each saucer, down on the table between them.

As she turns away Doris reaches across to take Alice’s cake.

Debra must have eyes in the back of her head because without pausing she calls out, ‘That’s not your cake, Doris!’

Doris withdraws her hand.

Keeping Things Neat

Audrey lives with us, it's important to her that she can contribute to daily life, she helps prepare the dining room


Audrey has a gentle and clever face and is carefully folding tablecloths and napkins.
‘This is my job,’ she says. ‘I do it every day. I like to keep things neat.’
Her face is expressionless until the moment when the tablecloth slips from one of her hands and begins to unfold, then she smiles.

‘I’m not doing a very good job, am I?’


Spontaneous Kindness

A small spontaneous act of kindness but one of many that happen every day


Joan, comes out of the television room. She hesitates.

Immediately a smiling nurse comes towards her as if greeting a long-lost friend. She takes Joan’s hands in her own and together they begin a little dance.
The nurse instinctively knows that Joan wants to use the lavatory and something had unsettled her. She literally dances Joan to her destination.